I recently came across this short film from Ainslie Henderson – an excellent display how low self-esteem issues might impact on us. Our lack of confidence in ourselves is usually accompanied by a chronic critical voice which we carry inside of us. It usually creates a relentless and negative inner dialogue that keeps us in check and stops us from living the life we want to live.

If we take a closer look at this inner critic we often discover that it ultimately has a protective nature by trying to keep us safe from further failure or humiliation, often experienced earlier in our lives. Unfortunately the way it goes about it is not serving us any longer. He is stopping us from moving forward by trying new and sometimes maybe challenging things. He keeps us stuck and creates a sense of hopelessness and depression inside.

Therapy gives us a safe space to explore this debilitating inner helper by establish a dialogue within, which allows us to find a collaborative way forward so that we can live and enjoy the life we want to live.