Experienced therapist offering same sex couples counselling to address relationship issues working in Prahran, Windsor and St Kilda

Because all relationship face challenges

Challenges are part of every relationship, but of course every couple is different.

I can help you to recognise and understand the communication, intimacy, behavioural and emotional dynamics playing out between you.  I have experience working with both gay and straight couples, couples in long and shorter-term relationships, and with couples experiencing sexual or intimacy issues.

How does it work?

Couples counselling provides a space for partners to explore, understand and find solutions to the things obstructing or derailing their relationship. This may involve nurturing an existing relationship, or exploring what’s not working well. It can also mean starting a relationship, or ending one.

The essence of my approach involves establishing an empathic dialogue centered on the emotional concerns within your stories. As your therapist my role is to help you to reorganise your emotional experience, deconstruct old and unhelpful patterns of the past, and to construct new ones in the present.

Family relationships

Safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments are essential for a child’s wellbeing. Children are greatly affected by the quality of the relationships they witness and experience, and will benefit throughout their lives from the efforts we put in now.

I am here to help

I am here to help

Marriage Counselling and Relationship counselling Melbourne – get relationship help from expert relationship counsellor and therapist in Prahran and Albert Park area.

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