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Growing beyond the limits imposed by history

Psychotherapy helps us explore, understand and change the ingrained and fundamental beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world — beliefs that are often behind the situations or behaviors we are struggling with.

How does it work?

Being human involves creating meaning through stories. ‘Storying’ our experiences is how we understand ourselves and create a personal identity. By listening carefully to your most important stories I can help you make sense of their impact and context. 

The essence of my approach involves establishing an emotionally-focused empathic dialogue centered on the emotional concerns within your stories. As your therapist I help you to reorganise your emotional experience, deconstruct old and unhelpful patterns of the past, and to construct new ones in the present.


Psychotherapy & childhood relationships

In our lives so much revolves around intimate relationships. Our stance towards these relationships is greatly influenced by our first primary attachment. Where early experiences have been problematic or traumatic, psychotherapy can offer healing. This is a skilled area of psychotherapy that generally requires a long-term approach.

“The human psyche, like human bones, is strongly inclined towards self-healing.”

– John Bowlby

I am here to help

I am here to help.

Counsellor in Prahran and Armadale can help you to process chronic trauma and PTSD from the past.

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