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Good relationships are good for you

We all benefit from supportive and loving relationships — relationships that offer practical as well as emotional support.  But at some point most relationships experience challenges. Often there is an alteration over time: partners’ interests or attitudes to life might change, or there may be deeper issues around confidence and feelings for each other. 

While each relationship is unique, the problems we face are universal: loss of intimacy and communication difficulties, infidelity, stress and financial pressures, issues with boundaries…  Whatever the issue, it is important to remember that all partner relationships experience some kind of distress at some point. Balancing the expectations we have as individuals and members of a couple can be hard, and separation, breaking up and divorce bring their own pain.

Why getting help is important

As humans, we are more likely to feel happy and live healthy, satisfied lives if our relationships are good. And it is never too late to improve your intimate relationship.

Importantly, the quality of your relationship doesn’t just affect you. Those of us involved in the lives of children need to be aware of the impact our well-being and relationships have. Children directly benefit from efforts to create and maintain a positive and respectful relationship.

Let me help you with yours

Let me help you with yours

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