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Anxiety is a part of being human, and is a normal response to being under threat. However, anxiety is unhelpful if we worry excessively in situations where it is not useful or necessary. With the threats our ancestors faced (think bears) anxiety was a life-saving response, but the same response to modern day stresses is not helpful.

Anxiety — manifesting as worry, tension or fear – is usually about something we think could happen in the future. These fears are often irrational and can become overwhelming. It is particularly common to experience this when coping with stressful events or life changes. 

What does problem anxiety feel like?

If your feelings of anxiety are very strong or last for a long time — if they are out of proportion or cause you to avoid situations or things you normally enjoy — then they have become debilitating. The anxiety will be impacting on your ability to live life as fully as you want.   I can help you with strategies to take charge and free your mind so that you can live again.

I am here to help

I am here to help

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