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When anger is a problem: taking back control

Anger is one of our core human emotions, and of itself is neither good nor bad. But the power of anger means it can have a profound impact on social relationships and self-organisation.

Anger is stimulated by many different triggers, and is often directed at those we love. This might be because we feel our needs are not being met, or because we feel mistreated or wronged in some way. So while it is important that anger, like other emotions, isn’t ‘bottled up’, we do need to find a way of managing it.  Uncontrolled anger can be lead to problems in all aspects of life, including at work and in personal relationships, and has the potential to take over. Feeling at the mercy of any unpredictable and powerful emotion is difficult, and anger is particularly confronting.

Types of anger: aggressive & passive

People who experience aggressive anger are usually aware of their emotions, although they don’t always understand the true roots of the problem. Often it can be related to anxiety or depression, and many individuals with aggressive anger suffer from severe low self-esteem, trust issues or personal traumatic experiences from the past.

Those experiencing passive anger may not even realise they are angry. Emotions tend to be displayed as sarcasm, apathy or meanness, and because passive anger may be repressed, it can be tricky to notice it.

In both cases, learning to recognise triggers is essential to dealing positively with the problem. Counselling can help you identify the emotions behind your actions so you can learn to manage the symptoms.

Let’s control your anger before it controls you

Let’s control your anger before it controls you

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