Gender Identity, Gender Dysphoria

Gender is a spectrum –
not two opposing ideals

‘Gender identity’ is our inner experience —  the relationship we have with our body, how we express ourselves and who we identify as. Gender expression is the way we show ourselves to the world. Our mannerisms and clothes for example, are set and expected from birth.  Boys wear blue and girls wear pink; boys do or don’t do this, and vice versa. It is a pattern that is communicated throughout every aspect of our lives. 

Despite some changes in the way we talk about gender, society continues to consider sex a binary concept*, assigning a newborn’s gender as either male or female at birth. However, how we experience our own gender goes well beyond reproductive anatomy or function.

For those who don’t fit neatly into the ’acceptable’ categories, the challenges faced can be enormous, from feeling ‘different’, unsupported and misunderstood to being bullied and denying one’s true self.

Finding help to be myself

The pressure to conform with society’s norms is very strong, especially if we are the target of others’ disapproval or feel unsafe. Tragically, this can lead to denying or concealing our true gender identity — from others and even from ourselves.

It does not have to be this way. I can offer you a space where you can explore and challenge the norms of gender, accepting and valuing your unique self and self-expression.

*With the exception of intersex.

I am here to help

I am here to help

Looking for help for gender identity issues by a specialised therapist in Prahran and South Yarra

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