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The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are

We live in a society where heterosexuality is considered the norm and, while things are changing, large sections of our community still consider LGBTQI people to be ‘different’ or even ‘wrong’. Homophobia — the fear or aversion toward homosexuality or bisexuality — is usually thought of as an external attitude, but tragically it can develop as negative feelings within LGBTQI people.

How internalised homophobia manifests is as broad and complex as our identities. Internalised homophobia can trap us in a place of shame, stress and anxiety, keeping us from having close relationships, or ruining the relationships we do have. It can lead us down a path of anger and loneliness, preventing us from coming out so that we are denied the opportunity to be seen and loved for who we are.

Overcoming internalized homophobia

Internalised homophobia can contribute to long-term illness, mental health problems, substance abuse and self-harm, so seeking help is vital. The first and most important step is recognising that it exists. Once you understand that you have adopted a stigma borne of cultural and family expectations, you can deal with it and change it.

Reaching understanding is a complicated process, and there are personal questions that only you will have the answers to, but therapy can help.

Together, we can work to develop your strong sense of positive self-worth so that you can build the life that you deserve.

I am ready when you are

I am ready when you are

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